About Traci

Hi, I am Traci Fleiss

I am a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® and I am on a mission to help tired families get the sleep they need.

I have an MA in Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Additionally, I have been working with children and families as a preschool teacher for the past 13 years.

I love working with children as well as each of their unique families. I am truly passionate about helping to build your confidence as a parent and guide you through this process.

I joined the Gentle Sleep Coach training program offered by Kim West (a.k.a. The Sleep Lady) and found my passion for sleep coaching for so many reasons.

Struggling with children’s sleep issues is stressful and exhausting – but it does not have to stay that way; you don’t have to do it alone! Remember, it really does take a village to raise a child…it is ok to ask for help, and I am here to help you.

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